This is not with Luca Lozano (Klasse Recordings / Berlin)

Season 2014
L'Andy Live Club - Via Tevere, 18
21043 Castiglione Olona VA, Italia
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This is not ritorna e con molto piacere ospita LUCA LOZANO. Bombe a mano assicurate!

Luca Lozano fronts the highly applauded and much respected Klasse Recordings both as it’s co-founder as well as it’s primary artist. The British born, Berlin based DJ / Producer champions a sound that neatly rides the wave between House & Techno where thuggish basslines take center stage and deep, dark emotions intertwine with the upmost ease and style.

Lozano is not one to do things in half measures as his current role for Klasse Recordings encompasses much more than that of DJ / Producer. He is also the label’s A&R executive calling to arms fresh and exciting producers to join his growing Klasse army of enthusiasts. As such Lozano has already brought to the fold the talents of Arttu, Kris Wadsworth, Jordan Peak, Johanna Knutsson, Session Victim, Huxley amongst many others each one lending their adept hands at taking on the “Klasse” sound. If all this wasn’t enough he is also the creative director of this imprint letting his artistic side loose where his love of outsider art, 1970’s graffiti come up trumps and is so prevalent in his label’s identity.

Alongside releasing on his own label, Luca has enjoyed successful releases and remixes on Tsuba, Optimo Trax, Morris Audio and more.

It is evident Luca’s work is deeply considered and he never forgets that music and nightlife are about having fun which is apparent in his music and in his vision. His label, under which a wealth of highly talented artists have found a home currently push what many have already penned as the “Klasse” sound and is steadily making waves in the underground.


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